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Ecological business solutions
About us
The Greenway created a business system that allows a person to gain income from the first month for using simple, clear, and high quality eco-products and encouraging others. There is no need to have specific training or to distract from job, study, or family routine.

The Company is concerned about people’s health as well as the cleanliness of our homes and our planet.
Our principles are:
Natural or safe
raw materials
Every day, we create new life stories about people who gain financial freedom in just a year and fulfill their audacious dreams in a few years.
Rapid growth
It has been five years since Greenway launched its business. During this time, we have done a lot to ensure that each partner, regardless of the location and mother tongue, can earn money in the first month.
Global Network
Our representative offices are open in 33 countries, including the US, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Ukraine, Turkey, Serbia, Vietnam, and in the European Union.
High indicators
For the first three years, Greenway broke records in all indicators: growth dynamics, benefits to partners.
Greenway’s Mission
Ecology x3. Care raised to the third power
Concern for
each person
Respectful and trusting
relationship between the
Company and its Partners Concern for each person
Careful attitude toward
resources and
the environment

Greenway’s principal idea is to create a wide range of trendy eco-products. We look for a large team of like-minded individuals to introduce our products to as many people around the world as possible and encourage them to use it with pleasure. We are open to conscious people who take care of family health, financial well-being, and the planet, which our children will inherit.

We care about environment protection and human ecology. That is why each our product is safe and eco-friendly. The production is based on the safe ingredients and materials, and the raw materials are carefully selected and certified.

Our Brands
We welcome you to take a look at our US brands. The number of brands will be increased with the development of the Company in American market.
Green Fiber
a cleanliness without detergents
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There is no need to use detergents together with fibers, just water is enough.
The fiber collection allows your home to be cleaned quickly and easily, makes your car clean and comfortable, and turns a self-care routine into a pleasant and efficient process. Green Fiber is an eco-friendly and thoughtful approach to creating a life of comfort.
The collection is presented in three series: Home - home care, Auto - car care, Care - face and body care. Products are made from ultra-thin UpPoly fiber, developed using Japanese technology. The concept of all the fibers is their ability to remove and retain dirt inside.
When choosing a product, you can rely on a navigation system, which allows the choice of the necessary product according to three criteria: absorbency, polishing, and scrubbing. You can choose products of different colors and parameters, depending on your task and cleaning area.
a cleaning system without detergent
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Turn cleaning into a pleasure
What is the main thing when it comes to cleaning? Comfort, speed, eco-friendliness, or safety? There is not a need to choose with AQUAmatic mops.

The product line includes ergonomically designed mops that turn cleaning into a pleasure.
All mops come with ultra-thin microfiber attachments produced using unique textile technology. They remove any dirt, even the most stubborn, in an easy and eco-friendly way. The attachments are harmless to the surface and leave no streaks or lint.
FOET is a line of decorative cosmetics, the philosophy of which is beauty and naturalness.
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Decorative cosmetics
All of the products are produced in leading European factories in compliance with the requirements of high-quality products.
Modern colors, pleasant textures, easy application, and natural care components are in the composition. Now it is possible for every woman to do professional makeup!
Anny Rey
Nutri DLG
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Products for maintaining health and youth
Anny Rey is a premium care for the revival of natural, natural female beauty.

Nutri DLG contains products that are specifically formulated to help fight the aging process of the skin.
Norvia Active Performance is a balance of benefit and enjoyment in a pleasantly sweet cocktail.

Panasonic Beauty devices are equipped with devices for stimulating facial skin elasticity, for general care and cleansing, as well as additional nozzles.
Start a Business
Greenway offers opportunities found nowhere else.
Free registration and low cost contract activation
Purchase products in demand in every home.
Choose when and where to work
in the nearest cafe, co-working, at home, or on the seashore. Combine your network business with your main occupation, work while you study, or on maternity leave.
No risks
After two months of inactivity, the contract automatically terminates.

You do not have to purchase goods to sell later. You collect orders FIRST and then make a purchase.

No need to purchase additional tools -your smartphone and the Internet are enough.

Keep your day job. Work at a pace comfortable for you.
Your income entirely depends on you
There are no limits.
This business is easy to understand
and it does not take long to start making money. We offer you a turnkey eco-market
As soon as your team achieves a pre-determined turnover
we offer free corporate trips to the world’s most gorgeous places.
How to Register?
1. Use the Company’s official social networks to find a registered person (a Partner) and request a link:

2. Ask a Partner to share a link / or a mentor can register you directly;

3. Obtain an SMS code with your login and password;

4. Log in with your user ID and password;

5. Start you journey in Greenway.
How Can a Client Make a Purchase?
Way 1. Referral link:
1. Use the Company’s official groups on social networks to find a person who is already registered;

2. Ask him/her to share a link on a product or a product line;

3. Follow the link to the online store;

4. Add the necessary products to the cart;

5. Place your order using the cart icon in the upper-right corner of the website;

6. Select delivery data to create your order;

7. At this stage, you become a Client. You receive an SMS with a login and password from your personal account;

8. Pay for the order.

Way 2. Invite link:
1. Use the Company’s official groups on social networks to find someone who is already registered;

2. Ask him/her to share a link / or a mentor can register you directly;

3. Receive an SMS code with your login and password;

4. Add the necessary products to the cart;

5. Place your order using the cart icon in the upper-right corner of the website;

6. Place your order using the cart icon in the upper-right corner of the website;

7. Select delivery data to create your order;

8. Pay for the order.